Trainability  -  Physical Ability  -  Individual Try

These are three things I keep in mind while evaluating and training a horse. The discipline or level of competition might change, but we always have to stay true to these three principles.

Trainability for me has mostly to do with the mind of the horse. The Physical ability goes hand-in-hand with the horse's

conformation as well as the job we have planned for that horse to do. Lastly, and by no means least, is the sense of try that the individual has. I have seen many horses that make up in this third category for whatever it was that they lacked in the first two. Understanding the horse's abilities and mindset is the first step in training the horse, as well as being able to teach my client how to ride their horse.

Helping our Equine Athletes perform better With Red Light Therapy

The basic care and well-being of our Equine Athletes are always at the top of my priority list. There is no substitute for experience and having your horse in training with someone who is constantly evaluating your horse's health and well-being. I understand that any horse, especially performance horses, starting their training are going to go through stages of physical development and change. Optimizing these development stages allow for a more positive training program.  Red Light Therapy is one way we help your horse recover and heal faster.